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Autometas is an easy-to-implement, powerful SEO technique; purely focused on the most important SEO texts. It saves a lot of (analysis and copy) work, and optimizes daily ALL product and overview pages of large websites, such as webshops, marketplaces, and comparison websites.


What: Automatic meta-texts
Why: More clicks; the same positions
How: Forecast of net potential per meta
Pricing: Setup: € 4979, Subscription: p/m € 397

Net meta texts #

You may wonder: what can we control and easily adjust in the field of SEO? And what has a big effect? The answer: how people and Google immediately respond to the billboards of your pages: the titles and H1 headings of your site's pages.

Feel free to compare them to newspaper headlines: words make a (the) difference. Every politician, journalist, copywriter, and advertising creator will confirm this!

But then automatically #

Until recently, adjusting these short texts was mainly a manual task; therefore, it was expensive, and mostly based on intuition and SEO expertise.

We have automated this! This frees up time for other tasks and removes a bit of 'guessing': the candidates selected based on intuition and expertise are subjected to an auction: the best performer wins. And it is this last part that delivers results.

Words make a (the) difference. Every politician, journalist, copywriter, and advertising creator will confirm this!

~ Ramon Eijkemans

Yield? #

To that question, we can provide the exact answer for your website. We do this in a pilot: a test period in which we benchmark optimized pages against non-optimized pages. We let the numbers speak for themselves.

How it works #

In short:

  • -

    The system looks for patterns of texts that perform well. These patterns are pitted against each other, like a kind of auction: may the best one win.

  • -

    Every page is tested every day, and every day a winner emerges: the best-performing title and H1 heading for that page, on that day. Taking into account all the dynamics of search results: competition, advertisements, news, local packs, Google's own answers: we take it all into consideration. And then for all the pages of your website(s).

  • -

    Even if that's 10+ million pages. No problem.

Pricing #

Autometas saves (a lot of) manual labor. It only needs to be implemented once by your IT department. It writes net meta texts that simply yield results. It frees up space for your employee(s) or agency for other, more creative and communicative aspects of SEO.

Product & setup #

To get to know your website and market, to collect the needed data, and to tune the product specifically for your wishes, we charge a one-time setup fee.

Setup - Autometas

€ 4979

Subscription fee #

For continuous usage of the product we use a subscription-based monthly or yearly fee.

Tip: if you use the yearly subscription, you receive two months for free!


€ 3970

-€ 794


€ 397

Extra support #

We always offer fair use support for any product.

But if needed, you can also call upon extra support. Pricing is simple: three wages, depending on the amount of hours required (during 12 months).

Of course, only the hours that are actually 'used' will be invoiced.

Tier S: 12-60

€ 137

Tier M: 60-120

€ 117


Tier L: 120+

€ 107

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