Content quality

Data Driven Content Quality Improvement. Enhance the content of your website. With a simple, visually presented, yet highly powerful data-driven, iterative process.

The result? Demonstrably higher conversion rates. A robust content improvement process. People finding answers to their questions. Search engines (both external and your own internal ones) directing them to the right place more quickly.

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Quality of content has become a necessity

In 2024, content quality has become more important: much more important. Why? Because of the sudden widespread adoption of AI tools like ChatGPT, it has become much cheaper to produce content.

This automatically means that the value of 'ordinary' content is declining.

High-value content has become a minimum requirement. In fact, it's a requirement to make content distinctive at all. Making 'SEO content' is no longer about quantity but about quality. Simply answering a search query is no longer sufficient; everyone is doing that now.

We've made something useful

Namely: a method, a process, along with corresponding tools, to identify on a website those pieces of content that are not clear, cause confusion, and go unnoticed, but are responsible for most issues.

This is particularly important for websites with a lot of existing content. The question is not: 'what content should we create,' but: 'which content is performing well, and which should we improve.' And why? With what priority?

How it works

Our tool doesn't automagically determine the solution needed for identified problems. That's too complex; it could be an organizational issue, a technical one, or just a small mistake.

However, human insight - and usually also coordination among team members - is required for that. We will handle that ourselves.

What the tool does though, is to indicate precisely:

  1. 1.

    Which questions people ask

  2. 2.

    Wether they find the answer, to what extent, and how

  3. 3.

    We measure that

  4. 4.

    And we translate it into a hands-on work package

  5. 5.

    Including progress reporting

Example work package

The 'work package' is a visual overview, a list of identified problems, categorized by severity (ranging from very severe to mild) and the number of times that problem occurred. It is then grouped by responsibility and sorted by priority:

Table 1: the work package

Problem Page Responsible Prio #
Wrong page for 523 visitors who searched for 'business contact' last month. Hence, 8% higher bounce rate. een-contactpagina.html Department 1, and department 2 1 (severe) 523
8 visitors landed on step 2 of funnel_x last month, while they should have landed on the PDP_x. Hence, 2% lower conversion rate. een-funnelpagina.html CRO 2 (average) 78

Example Progress Report

The progress report is deliberately simple. A target, a line indicating whether the target has been met:

Score & target - hypothetical

Line graph and target. Line reaches target line
From the moment the target has been achieved, you can switch from proactive to reactive, or, of course, set a new target!

What does "achieving the target" mean now?

It means that a fundamental condition has been met, which is that people actually end up in the right place when they search for something. It used to be only 30%, but now it's 90%.

This difference will also be clearly noticeable in other measurements, such as conversion rates.

Especially suitable for ...

  • -

    Large websites that have grown historically with a lot of content scattered throughout various parts and corners of the site.

  • -

    Large websites with a search function and/or chatbot.

  • -

    Websites where old content can be modified (this service is therefore not suitable for news websites).

So, especially websites that have too much content to have an immediate overview, and where different teams manage their own parts of the site.

Investment, price, revenue

Content quality is a hybrid product: it includes a tool that measures and provides insights into the quality of your website. Based on this measurement, we proceed: you alone, with you leading but working together with us, or we take the lead while you learn the process.

The process will then look like this:

  • -

    We start with the setup phase, in which we'll configure the tool

  • -

    Then we'll deploy it and we can start working on the content problems it finds

  • -

    It's up to you (we can help you with this) to evangelise 'content-hygiene' within your organisation, and to connect the improvements we make with measurable outcomes, such as higher conversions, lower bounce rates, etc.

  • -

    We begin with a more intensive collaboration, gradually shifting more of the execution to your side. This is actually the ultimate goal.

Support is always included

We offer fair use support. It's simple: just call us if you have a question, and we'll help the best we can (questions about how well the algorithm is performing are meant for the monthly evaluation of course).

Inhouse execution

You at the wheel, steering the ship

1297 p/m
+ Content quality monitoring
+ Weekly dashboard
+ You update the questions we monitor
- Bi-weekly content improvement session



We help you execute

1797 p/m
+ Content quality monitoring
+ Weekly dashboard
+ Together we update the questions we monitor
+ Bi-weekly content improvement session

We lead

And help you getting to know the process

2297 p/m
+ Content quality monitoring
+ Weekly dashboard
+ We update the questions we monitor
+ Bi-weekly improvement session

One-time setup fee

In order to create your bespoke machine, we charge a one-time setup fee of 4797,-.

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